About Us


Over the years, Market research has been an important component of strategic decision making processes. Market research activities have been facilitating the search for new market opportunities, understanding the market gap, bringing in the key insights into the R&D departments, value addition to marketing and promotional functions and many more. In short, one can say that the market research has been a fog light to various industries, especially while taking strategic decisions.

Knowledge Based Value Research is a global brand and consulting firm serving all kinds of business verticals, government and non-governmental organizations, and not-for-profit organizations. Our motto is to extend our services that will have a lasting impact on our clients who trust us with their business goals.


We walk into every level of an organization’s structure, with our capabilities to be most useful for our esteemed clients. With the natural capacity as trusted market advisors, we work with stakeholders at all levels in offering strategic insights in demanding situations. For every form engagement, we pick and choose team of professionals with most reliable expertise.

Challenges are a part of every undertaking, and we are confident that challenges eventually build us into a stronger team and help us deliver actionable plans that our clients can build on. We offer our expertise and work with clients in time of need. We always stand by our clients and back them with our resources when they encounter challenges, eventually empowering them to take tough decisions that are backed with statistical data.

Our aim is to transform and customize our services to address the fast changing business needs of our clients. With innovative methods, we seek to empower our research tools with new capabilities that would eventually bring about customer delight, as we understand that businesses evolve.


The market research activities are no more limited to just searching for market opportunities, rather has expanded its horizons to validation of viewpoints irrespective of the departments, to a successful implementation of a strategy. However, the limitations about the authenticity along with the availability of data and more so with the deliverable format along with its representation pose a question mark on the market research offerings these days.

Nevertheless, observable advances in the market research sector such as the evolution of targeted research methodologies and its application has found its place in the mainstream business environment. Primary research played a pivotal role in unearthing deeply rooted market insights required for strategic decision making processes. Further, with the rising adoption of the internet technologies, the flow of multi-layered information available through secondary research, coupled with strategically targeted primary research activities facilitated access to a wide spectrum of available information.

The collaboration of two independent research methodologies, namely primary and secondary research directly contributed to the development of wide variety of research studies that supplemented research requirements at different levels of decision making.

In today’s prevailing research environment, the market research industry is flooded with traditional offerings such as business consults, syndicated research reports, Company profiles and so on and so forth. These offerings undoubtedly assisted the organizations substantially till the recent past. However, with the rising competitive business environment, vibrant market landscapes with differentiated business goals are in the rise, negotiating on business decisions with a very limited timeframe. The thin timelines available and traditional market oriented research offering has created significant gap that needs to be bridged to balance the expectation of market participants.

The aforementioned market situation paved way to analytics as a tool, promising handshake between market research offering and demanding businesses. Abundant availability of data today makes its interpretation a mammoth task, and to pinpoint hidden insights is even more challenging a task. Knowledge based value (KBV) research is a brain child that bloomed as a promise to the business world. With years of market tracking, the need for a revolutionary tool was inevitable. Years of cumulative experience helped the team KBV to develop a proprietary tool that bridges the gap of inconsistent data flow to the stakeholders. The “MARKET RESEARCH & ANALYTICS TOOL”, a brain child of KBV would streamline data flow to the stakeholders; consequentially, making market research simpler and extracting insights seamless.


The tool is a one stop solution to the subscribers to extract detailed information pertaining to the market segments, key influencing factors, market sizes, and growth rates with yearly performance mapping & forecasting and other various finer aspects of the concerned market, all with just a few clicks on the analytical user interface.

We understand time, as a major factor impacting businesses. The ever evolving business space needs instant solutions and simplified offerings. Graphs simplify words, eventually making business decisions simpler.

The Market Research & Analytics tool offers our clients a platform to visually watch trends being formed for the forecast period. With graphical representation, our clients will be in a position to compare different time frames at one go; compare markets and different segments, all in one place. Visual impact will give a roadmap to our clients to focus on necessary and ignore the redundant data.

Time advantage is what we offer our clients with our Market Research & Analytics tool.


We understand business needs; therefore, we have customizable research offerings to our clients. The scope of customization is defined by the client, agreed on by the analysts“ team and the client to understand the feasibility of the demand. Over the years, we have witnessed cases, where customers have unique demands. Our clients have different market perceptions; accordingly business goals are set. We appreciate our clients“ market perceptive and with custom offers, we deliver a very highly targeted market research report that will be specific to the client. Our custom reports are client specific and we maintain strict confidentiality of the market findings post delivery. We offer customization of research intelligence on a global level, regional level and all way down to country level.

In-house technologists brain storm on developing prototypes to give a road map for the project, and our data experts at KBV work on gathering data from all the available resources. Finally, with all the gathered data, a final product is offered that will address all the areas of concern. Custom market reports allow clients to make full use of highly specialized team at KBV and take full advantage of all the technical expertise. Call us now to discuss your custom requirements and talk to our experts about your needs.