Custom Research


We understand business needs; therefore, we have customizable research offerings to our clients. The scope of customization is defined by the client, agreed on by the analysts“ team and the client to understand the feasibility of the demand. Over the years, we have witnessed cases, where customers have unique demands. Our clients have different market perceptions; accordingly business goals are set. We appreciate our clients“ market perceptive and with custom offers, we deliver a very highly targeted market research report that will be specific to the client. Our custom reports are client specific and we maintain strict confidentiality of the market findings post delivery. We offer customization of research intelligence on a global level, regional level and all way down to country level.

In-house technologists brain storm on developing prototypes to give a road map for the project, and our data experts at KBV work on gathering data from all the available resources. Finally, with all the gathered data, a final product is offered that will address all the areas of concern. Custom market reports allow clients to make full use of highly specialized team at KBV and take full advantage of all the technical expertise. Call us now to discuss your custom requirements and talk to our experts about your needs.